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              An enterprise with big influence and competitiveness in the sub-industry of food additives

              Methyl Cyclopentenolone (MCP)

              MCP is a kind of natural substance that could be used as flavor enhancer.
              Chemical formula: C6H8O2
              Molecular weight: 112.13 g/mol
              HS: 2914299000
              CAS NO: 80-71-7
              A white crystalline powder with strong caramel aroma. It is soluble in water. 1g of MCP dissolves in 72ml of water at 25℃. It can be dissolved easily in boiling water, Glycerin, Propanediol and Ethanol (1g dissolves in 5ml of 90% Ethanol at 25℃). Decomposition would occur if distilled in normal pressure.
              Melting point: 104-108℃
              Heavy metal (Pb) ≤0.04%
              Quality Standard
              Complied with national quality standard of GB-1886.128 and USA FCC-IV
              MCP is flavor and sweetness enhancer. It has strong caramel aroma, and is mainly used for walnuts, maple, caramel, coffee, syrup, rum sugar, cream, soup seasoning, ice cream, cookies, candy beverage, bakery and wine. It tastes sweet, and can be widely applied in cosmetics, food and pharmaceutical industry.
              Reference Usage
              Candy: 18-25 mg/kg
              Syrup: 10-30 mg/kg
              Jelly: 15-20 mg/kg
              Tobacco: 100-200 mg/kg
              Perfume: 20-100 mg/kg
              Chewing gum: 8-15 mg/kg
              Soft drinks:  11-20 mg/L
              Ice cream: 5-6 mg/kg
              Frozen products: 5-6 mg/kg
              Meat products: 30 mg/kg
              Cardboard barrel: 320mm*420mm Net weight: 25kg
              The above package is all sealed by double food safe polyethylene bags.
              Keep in a cool, ventilated and dry place. Avoid being stored in iron containers.
              Protect from sun shine and preserved in tight containers.

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