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              About us

              An enterprise with big influence and competitiveness in the sub-industry of food additives

              Anhui Jinhe Industrial Co., Ltd.?is a worldwide?leader in the field of high-end sweeteners and flavorings.?With a long history of leding the markets of Acetyl,?Maltol,?Ethyl Maltol and MCP,?Anhui Jinhe became one of?sucralose?(a world's advanced and healthy sweetener) manufacturers of in 2017.

              As an A-share listed company (stock code:?002597),?Anhui Jinhe Industrial Co.,?Ltd.?has strong overall strength and is receiving high reputation for complete system managements on production,?research,?development,?quality inspection,?control and ISO standard,?as well as senior functional teams such as marketing,?health food application and development,?etc.?Anhui Jinhe has always been committed to creating an international first-class application platform of health?food.

              At present,?our customers have covered the world's top?food, beverage, flavor and fragrance, health care products companies!


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